Wax carving for jewellery

The ancient technique of wax carving offers endless possibilities in terms of jewellery design. Over this three- day course with Dutch jeweller Sandy Pfaff we will learn the basic techniques necessary to create your own beautiful wax carved jewellery.

Learn the basic techniques the right way as you practice practice practice in our fast-paced learning environment.  This class requires no prior experience in wax carving or silversmithing.

  • 3 full days of classes (10am until 4pm daily)

  • 3 set projects including making a domed ring, stone setting in wax and creating a figurative pendant.

  • Practice pieces

  • All materials provided for 3 set projects


Course fees (inclusive of kit fees)

RM 2100 for early bird bookings (booked, and paid for 2 weeks prior to class).

RM 2300 for bookings made within two weeks of the class start date. 

Daily Projects

  1. The first project will be to make a high domed bombe ring. Before deciding on how to finish the ring, we will look at different ways to texture the wax and how to create patterns/designs in it. The ring will be finished to your own design. 

    Once the first ring is finished you can start your own ring, using the steps you learned in the morning. Your ring can be the complete opposite of a bombe ring, the same steps will apply in how to make it. Sketch the ring on a piece of paper, think the steps through and go. Sandy will be available to help with any questions along the way. 

  2. We will start the day by learning how to make a bezel. You can bring your own stones for this (nothing below 5mm) or otherwise CZs will be available for practicing. Once the bezel is finished, we’ll make a single stone ring. The ring will be finished to your own texture and pattern preferences. 

    You can use the afternoon however you like: practice different shape bezels or make another ring 

  3. On the last day we will carve an animal that can be made into a pendant after casting. Wax is perfect for making 3 dimensional pieces, so make sure you can visualise what your animal looks like from all different angles. Before the day is over, we’ll make sure all your pieces are done or that you know how to finish them on your own. We will end the day by going over how to clean and finish your pieces once they come back from casting. Please note however that we will not be casting the pieces during class time, contacts will be given for local casting companies.

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