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Lucy Walker

Hi I’m Lucy…

I know that making jewellery isn’t as easy as it looks, believe me, I have been exactly where you are right now. It wasn’t just learning skills the right way that was the problem, but procrastination and motivation used to drive me totally insane. And don’t even talk to me about that feeling of utter uselessness when things didn’t go to plan. But I want let you in on something, this journey – it really can be fun, engaging and rewarding! I promise.

By understanding the why and not just the how, learning can be much simpler. And by working with designs that are modern and unique it will certainly be a whole lot more fun. When these are combined with a supportive network of tutors and peers who are there motivating and giving you a friendly ass kicking from time to time…. Well that is a no drama jewellery making journey right there, that we hope you’ll join us on.

Hopefully see you over in the forums very soon for a chat.

Lucy xx

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That's why we created the Metalsmith Academy Membership Programme

Metalsmith Academy

If you feel like you need a little extra motivation and support on your jewellery making journey, or that you just want to be able to create confidently, as part of an encouraging community – then you are in the right place

Our membership programme not only provides access to all our online classes which come with detailed videos and extensive downloadable handouts, it also comes with:

  • A student roadmap, so you’ll never have to worry about where to start, or what’s next. You can take classes to build on your skills as you progress. But of course you can take the classes in any order you like if you prefer.
  • A forum based community where you can ask questions to Lucy and Vennice as well as receive support from your peers.
  • Creative Kickstarter challenges every other month to really keep you motivated – with seriously amazing prizes! THINK GRS BENCHMATE!
  • Classes galore including incredible design and rendering classes with Vennice Aw.
  • We promise to never stop making you new classes!
  • Supplier resources and discounts galore.  Including a discount for our own online store full of luscious gemstones and stone setting practice blanks (Online store coming soon).

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Just because you’re learning online, doesn’t mean you have to learn alone.

Quality classes are super important, and you know we understand that.  We put our heart and soul into our classes to make sure they not only crystal clear, but also a tonne of fun.

But, I really believe to make the most of any learning opportunity, we all need so much more than just quality classes.  We want a community so we can get that all-important encouragement from our teachers and our peers.  We need inspiration, a little healthy competitiveness, and an occasional friendly kick up the arse to keep us motivated.

Sanja Help
Fatima Help

When something isn’t going to plan, or you need a little feedback, or you just lack motivation in general, working alone is less than helpful.   And that is why we created our Metalsmith Academy Membership Programme.

We designed our membership to create an online version of exactly what we have here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: a supportive and caring jewellery family.  A family who celebrate wins together, bitch over things that didn’t go right, and generally just encourage each other so nobody ever feels like they’re in this alone.

We are here to help you

Not only does our membership include all our online classes, but we will be constantly creating helpful content to enable you to build your skills and creativity confidently.
That way, you can spend more time at the bench working on what you love.

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Recently Released Content

Tube Set Ring

Tube Set Ring

Learn to make linked earrings

Linked Drop Earrings

Round header images for Learndash Rendering metal in clour 34

Rendering Metal Basics
With Coloured Pencils

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Classes included in your membership

octopus setting blue stone

Classes included in your membership

octopus setting blue stone


Just click on the class buttons for all the juicy details

Stone Setting

Just click on the class buttons for all the juicy details

Jewellery Design and Rendering

Render Metal Black & White

Rendering Basics
Flat, Domed and Curved
Surfaces Using Pencils

Render Metal Coloured

Rendering Basics
Flat, Domed and Curved Surfaces
With Coloured Pencils

Design Templates

Perfect for a little creative boost!

Snowflake Templates

Snowflake Templates

templates for flower inspired rings

Flower Ring Templates

Whimsical Wings Templates

Wing Templates

Leaf Templates

Leaf Templates

Damien and Friends 40

Damien and Friends

Mandala Templates

Mandala Templates

Express Bites

We are stalking you! But only to help solve your dramas!

Quick Wins and Downloadable Projects

Here you’ll find regularly updated quick win techniques based on what’s giving you DRAMA! We are stalking you over in the forums so we can create content that will help you where you’re struggling!  And if you’re stuck for a little inspiration we will keep creating you fun, downloadable PDF tutorials based on the skills you’ve learnt in our classes.  We’ve done the designing for you, so all you have to do is follow the instructions and get to work. And yes, you can sell these with no credit necessary……. but if you do make a million bucks, send us a case of prosecco aye?!

Flush Setting Hammer

Flush Setting With a
Hammer Handpiece

Express bites header images bezel rocker 13

How to Make a
Brass Rocker

express bites Bur texture exercise

Mastering Bur Control
With a Heart Bur

Express bites opal bezel

Bezel Setting an Opal

Coming Soon

Here's what we're working on right now!

bezel set oval 33

Bezel Setting for Oval
Brilliant Cuts

Round header images for learndash 38

Making a 4 Prong Setting
For a Round Brilliant Cut

Round header images for learndash 35

Making a Bezel Setting
For a Princess Cut

Round header images for learndash 39

Rendering Gemstones
With Coloured Pencils

Round header images for learndash 37

Rendering a Hammer
Textured Finish

Round header images for learndash 36

Drawing and Rendering
A Gemstone Pendant

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But Wait - There's More....

Creative Kickstarters!

Joodle a day 2

To help you get a little creative exercise, every second month we are going to post some crazy cool challenges that will help kickstart that process for you. The challenges will take all forms from drawing to making, but the one thing they’ll have in common: They all come with spectacular prizes for the winner – you know, just to help with a little motivation.

You don’t have to do them all, but promise me you’ll check them out from time to time. You won’t regret it!

Don’t worry, though we’ll let you know via email every time we release a new one.

Welcome to our studio

We hope you’ll make yourself right at home 

At Lucy Walker Jewellery, we want to enable you to grow confidently but efficiently as a jeweller and as a designer so that you can get to work putting your new skills into action as quickly as possible.

We understand that time is one of the most valuable assets these days, and so we make a huge effort to keep our classes entirely to the point, 100% waffle free, and exceptionally easy to follow. Each class is packed with what you need to know plus lots of extra tips and tricks to make life a little easier. We also guessed that you probably don’t want to work with your laptop on your bench, so all of our classes come together with a downloadable full-colour handout explaining things step by step, as well as detailed handouts together with product codes to help ensure you’re buying the right tools for the job.

We’ve helped many students to take their work to the next level, and it makes me beyond happy to show off some of their spectacular work below:

Student Work

octopus setting blue stone

Student Work

octopus setting blue stone

What people are saying

octopus setting blue stone

What people are saying

octopus setting blue stone

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Frequently asked questions

octopus setting blue stone

Frequently asked questions

octopus setting blue stone

In order to give students the best experience possible, we only offer classes as part of our membership programme.

The videos cannot be downloaded, but the handouts are yours to download and keep forever.  Please bear in mind that our handouts are quite big files – we wanted to keep the quality high, so they may take a little time to download – please don’t get angry with your computer during this time, they’re worth the wait.

Unfortunately, the videos don’t have closed captions at the minute, but all our classes do come with downloadable handouts where the techniques are explained fully.  We have had very happy reviews from deaf and non-English speaking students.  We welcome you to try them out – if you find you can’t fully understand, we’ll be more than happy to offer a refund.

You can cancel at any time you like – just head on over to your account where it’s super easy to do.  Your membership will continue to run for 1 month after your last payment at which time you’ll no longer have access to our membership.  But we hope you’ll come back soon.

Whilst we can’t guarantee that our prices won’t go up in future, whatever price you signed up at, is the price you will pay for as long as you stay a member.  We love you and want you to stay, we’re not going to piss you off by increasing your prices – we’d rather you spend your money on tools and gems!

Lucy and Vennice are available to answer questions for members in our membership forum where questions can be asked so they benefit the whole community.  For classes purchased individually support is not included. 

Questions asked via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In and other social media avenues will not be answered simply simply because they get buried very quickly – so if you have a question and want a quick answer – the forums are definitely the way to go, Lucy and Vennice are in there happily chatting and helping out most days. 

Unfortunately, our email team at this time does not include class support – if Lucy and Vennice were to answer their own emails every day, they would never be able to leave the computer to make you guys more classes.  So if you have a question and want a quick answer – the forums are definitely the way to go, Lucy and Vennice are in there happily chatting and helping out most days. 

Ohhh this is so sad, we have so many plans and ideas, but right now with the COVID situation as it is we don’t foresee in-person classes being possible for at least another year.  But we hope to be able to welcome you again to our real-life studio as soon as possible.

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