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Lucy Walker Jewellery Making Academy

The Academy

We believe that trade secrets should be a thing the past, that the future of jewellery design and silversmith should be in sharing knowledge, skills and passion for our chosen art. The Academy at Lucy Walker Jewellery, aims to do just that from our stunning four- story Bangsar jewellery studio. Equipped with exquisite tools imported from around the world, we challenge you to find a friendlier, more fabulously equipped jewellery studio in South East Asia.


Welcome to our world

We hope you can visit us here one day, with 4000 square meters of space, tools galore, and two adorable dogs, we have our own little slice of heaven right here.

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Jewellery Kickstarter

4-week full time course aimed at building a solid foundation for upcoming jewellers


Jewellery Making Level 1

Piercing, filing, soldering, forming, and professional finishing


Jewellery Making Level 2

Forging, texturizing, advanced soldering, fabrication, and bezel setting

stone setting class kuala lumpur

Stone Setting Level 1

Flush setting, bezel setting and fabrication, and tube setting

Stone setting classes in Kuala Lumpur

Stone Setting Level 2

Prong fabrication and setting a cabochon, channel setting, bead and bright setting

Stone setting classes in Kuala Lumpur

Stone Setting Fancy Bezels

Learn to make chunky textured bezels, jump ring bezels and cut down bezels

Jewellery making classes - Lucy Walker Jewellery

Computer Aided Design

Technical designing and rendering unique pieces using Matrix computer aided design

jewellery design and rendering classes

Jewellery Design Level 1

This 6-day course covers drawing and rendering metals and gemstones using coloured pencils

jewellery design and rendering classes

Jewellery Design Level 2

This 6- day class covers drawing in perspective and rendering with watercolour to create life-like jewellery designs

Enameling Class.jpg

Enamelling for Jewellers

Learn the art of enamelling with visiting New York enamelist Lanni Sidoti

Computer aided design for jewellery

Introduction to Matrix CAD

Create and render a 3D solitaire bezel ring using Matrix computer aided design.

Gemmology classes, Jewellery making classes - Lucy Walker Jewellery

Gemmology 101

Gemstone and diamond studies for beginners in this full day class

Jewellery making classes - Lucy Walker Jewellery

Wax Carving for Jewellery Level 1

Learn the basic techniques of wax sculpting to create unique jewellery