Lucy Walker Jewellery

So Happy You’re Here!

Welcome to Lucy Walker Jewellery! Home for crazy metalsmiths worldwide, from total beginners to those looking to brush up on some new techniques.

We are an online jewellery academy focusing on providing really down to earth, waffle-free classes whilst providing our students with professional techniques to last a lifetime. It’s our passion, and we want to make it yours too!

Our Background

Established in 2017, our once small community of passionate global jewellery makers has bloomed into a worldwide society. In the beginning, we gave all our classes in person, having students visiting from around the world. Following the success of these classes, and the shit show that is COVID-19, we took the jump to offer online courses. Fast-forward to today, so many people are enrolled on our classes (without the restrictions of travelling to Malaysia that come with in-person classes), and we’re only growing each and every day!

Ethos and Values

Despite coming a long way in just a few years, we’ve never stepped away from who we are! Who is that, you might ask? Well, we were just like you not very long ago (about 15 years to be exact), and we remember that time clearly. We believe that learning should never feel like a chore and that the same way isn’t right for everyone. We like live by our mantra “There’s more than one way to do everything” and our encouragement and motivation has taken on a whole new level. We know sometimes you need a kick up the ass, and we’re committed to doing just that. Of course, we’re always there with a friendly smile and a big boot, but we’ve seriously upped the motivational game through our brand-new challenges and competitions – with amazing prizes. Think GRS BenchMate and you’re in the right ballpark!

Finally, although we have a super-friendly mentality, we also don’t beat around the bush. We are here to give you the advice you’re looking for by getting straight to the point. We know your time is valuable, and we won’t talk at you for hours before getting to the good stuff, but don’t worry – each class is casual. Because you want to have fun, right?

"Everything should be as simple as possible, but no simpler"

The Team

Lucy Walker

Lucy Walker, Creative Director

Hola guys!

I’m Lucy and the founder of Lucy Walker Jewellery.

A bit about me…. Well, I’m originally from Sheffield, England, but I have a serious love for travelling which is awesome because that’s given me the chance to live in some spectacular places around the world. I’ve worked as a jeweller in the US, UK, and Australia before coming to Malaysia. I’ve also lived in the Philippines for a year and a half and seem to spend half my life in Bangkok (the land of gemstones!) – well, before COVID hit anyway! But soon I will be back.

Obviously my passion in life is jewellery, but fun fact: I rarely wear it. When I’m not working hard at the bench, I’m generally at my local CrossFit Box or playing with the doggos, so jewellery is generally just worn on special occasions for me.

Well, you know I don’t like to waffle, so let’s leave it there. Besides, I’m more interested in you! So once you’re all signed up, why not head on over to the forums and introduce yourself.

Big hugs

Vennice Aw, Creative Director

Hi Guys! I’m Vennice Aw and my love in life is design!

I’ve been working as a jewellery designer for over 5 years now, since graduating from Birmingham School of Jewellery in the UK where I first met Lucy 8 years ago! Before joining Lucy Walker Jewellery, I worked for one of Malaysia’s top jewellery houses, working on one-of-a-kind custom pieces for some incredibly rich customers – The gemstones we used were what dreams are made of!

When it comes to design, I really feel like both hand rendering using various mediums, and computer aided design have their places and I enjoy working with both. What’s most important for me isn’t what we use to design, but how to get inspired. For me, inspiration is everywhere from the obvious such as a beautiful flower, to sitting in a bar and admiring the beautiful long legs on a bar stool! It’s all about just learning to look, and that’s what I hope to share here with you guys.

When I’m not designing, you’ll find me travelling, going for a run, cooking or playing with the dogs of course! They’re the real bosses of our studio!

Vennice Aw
Shaun Teo

Shaun Terence Teo, Business Director

In my past life I was a lawyer working with one of the leading firms in Kuala Lumpur’s legal scene and several other major corporations as their legal counsel. I graduated from Cardiff University with a Bachelors of Laws and was called to the Bar of England and Wales in 2011 and subsequently the Malaysian Bar in 2013.

These days I use my experience and skills ensure our operations run smoothly as possible to provide the best student experience we can.

If I’m not working, you’ll find me at my local CrossFit Box with Lucy (who is also my wife), entertaining all our rescue cats, or enjoying a beer at the local Irish bar. What can I say, the British are bad influences when it comes to the pub (not complaining though)! I’m also a massive comic book nerd – Batman rules!

Neoh Weng Hong, Director of IT

Hey everyone! I’m Neoh and I’m the chief IT Nerd at Lucy Walker Jewellery. I’m the newest member of the team, only being here for 6 months now. I focus on dealing with impossible tech ideas from Vennice and Lucy and turning them into reality. I really hope you like the new website we made for you!

Before joining I worked for over 8 years as a System Engineer in the IT field after graduating Taylor’s University with a Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons) (Computer Security & Forensics). But I’m really not that big of a nerd! Any free time I have you’ll find me playing with the dogs, working out or playing basketball. I am a massive basketball fan. Go Lakers Nation!

Neoh Weng Hong