hand made prong set jewellery

Not only will you have access to Prong Setting for Round Brilliant Cuts, but you’ll also be able to learn from hundreds of videos we have available over at the Metalsmith Academy

If you've struggled with prong setting before, it's all going to make sense now!

In this class, we’re going to be looking at prong setting in its most basic form meticulously with attention to every single detail. The what’s, the why’s and the what nots, are explored with crystal clear videography and easy to understand instructions and over 50 pages of full colour handouts.

Skills you’ll need for this class: Strong filing, soldering and general fabrication skills, together with decent bur control (don’t worry though, we have exercises galore to help with exactly that as part of this class). 

You’ll also want to make sure you’re confident with prong setting for cabochons and rose cuts. So if you haven’t already done so, I’d strongly recommend heading over to the Class Library to check that out first – and yes – this is available right away when you join the Metalsmith Academy

When it comes to online jewellery making classes, we know you need the details

Crystal Clear Videography

Burs for prong setting

With exceptionally close up videography to show you nitty gritty stuff, full screen shots to help you understand scale and how we’re using the tools, and our obsessive commitment to never meandering off camera. We’ve got you covered.

Detailed Explanations

Expert jewellery instructors from the Metalsmith Academy

As with any jewellery, it’s important to understand the small details. In order to truly “get it” though, we have to understand not only the how, but also the why.  We’re also pretty keen on sharing what not to do too – it does come in pretty damn handy!

Full Colour handouts

Prong setting instruction handout

As well as creating hours of waffle-free videos, we’ve also put together a detailed handout with over 50 pages of glorious full-colour photos – so you can get the practice you need even when not online. Sorry to break it to you, but this one is going to really need it!

Want to know what tools you'll need for this class?


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What's covered in this class

  • How to accurately make a 6-prong setting for a round brilliant cut stone.
  • Understanding gemstone proportions and how they relate to setting the stone.
  • How to set a brilliant cut stone in a professional looking manner with both round and claw shaped prongs.
  • We’ll look at burs on a deeper level and demonstrate that there really is more than one way to do everything. And of course, we’ll be developing a professional level of bur control.
  • Understand more about workflow and why at least having an idea about what’s coming up next is important.
  • We’ll learn that beautiful clean work is important but that the structural integrity of that piece is equally important.
  • Taking polishing and finishing skills to the next level
Prong set pendants

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We are listening to what you're struggling with and making videos and handouts to help you with exactly that - our stalking skills are on point!
A firm favorite with our current members, you'll never have to worry about where to start or what's next again. Everything is laid out in a logical step-by-step process.
Every couple of months we'll be releasing a brand new challenge! But what's a challenge without some ass-kicking prizes? (Seriously, think GRS MicroBlock and you're in the right ballpark).
If you're feeling a little lost for inspiration, have no fear, we have templates galore for you to use however you like - zero credit required!
Solutions to the problems causing you drama! These fast and furious videos are created to answer your questions fast
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Frequently Asked Questions

As many times as you like as long as your subscription is active

Yes you will need specific tools for this class, we have included a basic tool list above, and the course contains detailed tool handouts together with product codes for all tools used during the class.

Unfortunately, we can’t provide a specific answer to that questions.  It depends on the tools you decide to purchase and the quality.  We try to include as many options as possible in our classes so that student’s can make choices based on their budget, but we will be honest, tools are not cheap.

The videos are only playable through the website and so are not downloadable.

Absolutely you can!  It would be pretty tough to work with your laptop on your workbench.

If you do want that little extra support, don’t worry at all – that is one of the main reasons why we launched our membership.  Lucy, Vennice and the team will be active in the forums daily to help with any problems you might be having with the classes.

This class is a little more advanced, we recommend starting out with the saw pierced pendant class as a first step into metalsmithing.

For this class subtitles are available – we’re updating the rest right now!