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Bezel and Tube Set Earrings / Pendant

Follow along with our detailed step-by-step instructions to create a unique pendant and earring set with bezel and tube settings.

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Our Practice Project downloadable handouts feature engaging projects tailored to enhance the skills learned in our classes at the Metalsmith Academy. These projects are crafted to inspire you and help you navigate any creative or technical challenges you may face. 

With a total of 61 pages, our Bezel and Tube Set Pendant / Earrings project is a comprehensive resource is filled with valuable tips and tricks to help you become the ass-kicking jeweller I know you can be!

Bezel & Tube set Pendant / Earrings – intermediate level

Experience You'll Need For This Project

Bezel setting a rose cut

Heavy bezel setting experience for round cabochons. Ideally, you’ll have already taken our Chunky Bezel Set Ring class.¬† We do not cover how to make a bezel.

You’ll need knowledge of the basic metalsmithing¬† techniques, including decent sawing, filing and soldering skills. We cover many tips and tricks in this, but the basics are not covered.

Soldering bezel settings

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