Chunky Bezel Set Ring

So you're ready to get creative with your bezels?

Chunky bezels, the perfect next step once you’ve mastered traditional bezel setting. And what better way to practice, than by making a kick-ass cocktail ring?

In this class, we’ll take your bezel setting to the next level using fine silver heavy bezel wire and fine silver sheet for gemstones with and without corners. We’ll cover setting bezels with textures as well as creating that perfectly smooth crisp finish – and of course, no bezel would be complete without a little graver work. Have you fear, you don’t need all the fancy tools for this class, as we’ll be covering setting using a simple hammer and punch as well as using a hammer handpiece for our flex shaft.

Experience with soldering, and basic bezel setting is needed to take this class. If you don’t have those skills yet, we recommend taking a look at our, Chunky Chain and Bezel Set Pendant classes, where we’ll cover all the skills you’ll need, before trying out this one.

In this class, you'll get to...

  • Understand the maths behind creating the right size ring band from round profile wire
  •  Form ring bands from heavier gauge wire
  •  make and set a heavy gauge bezel. 
  •  Understand when to use thermoplastic to support rings during setting
  •  Learn how to set a heavy gauge bezel with a texture using a hammer handpiece, and a hammer and punch
  •  Understand how to prepare a flat graver for use
  •  Understand how to create the perfect bright polished finish using a flex shaft
bezel set ring
How to make a heavy bezel setting
How to bezel set a gemstone

Why we created this class: One of my favorite jewellery making techniques, and the perfect rings for when dainty and delicate just isn't your style. It might take a little more effort to form and set heavy bezels, but the process is very much the same as making thinner bezels from bezel wire. Don't worry though, we'll be taking you through the whole process step by step, and sharing tonnes of tips and tricks along the way.

Chunky Bezel Set Ring 1
Saw Pierced Pendant
Chunky Bezel Set Ring

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Practice makes perfect, and that’s why we went to town creating 4 different rings during this class – after all who wants to make the exact same ring over and over again? But don’t be afraid to try new things and think outside the class box. Heavy bezel setting is a fantastic technique to add a little drama to all styles of jewellery, you might consider a chunky bezel as part of a saw pierced pendant, multiple chunky bezels on one ring, or if you’re feeling brave, adding a little gold!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes you will need specific tools for this class, we have included a basic tool list above, and the course contains detailed tool handouts together with product codes for all tools used during the class.

Unfortunately, we can’t provide a specific answer to that questions.  It depends on the tools you decide to purchase and the quality.  We try to include as many options as possible in our classes so that student’s can make choices based on their budget, but we will be honest, tools are not cheap.

The videos are only playable through the website and so are not downloadable.

Absolutely you can!  It would be pretty tough to work with your laptop on your workbench.

If you do want that little extra support, don’t worry at all – that is one of the main reasons why we launched our membership.  Lucy, Vennice and the team will be active in the forums daily to help with any problems you might be having with the classes.

This class is a little more advanced, we recommend starting out with the saw pierced pendant class as a first step into metalsmithing.

Unfortunately not at this stage, however our handouts that accompany the videos have extensive, easy to follow instructions.

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