How to Get Started Making Jewellery – 21 Tips & Tricks From Our Students

Learn how to get started making jewellery - tips and tricks from our students

If you’re interested in how to get started making jewellery, you’ve come to the right place! Creating for some of us isn’t just a hobby, it’s life. It’s almost as if we don’t feel completely whole without it. I know if I have to spend the entire day working on the laptop (which I often do), I’m literally chomping at the bit to get back to creating jewellery so I can share more jewellery making tips with you, especially when it comes to how to get started making jewellery! I’m even itching right now to go test out some new ideas at the bench! 

But before you go spending a fortune on new tools and every gadget out there, I want to be brutally honest about something: Making jewellery isn’t just about following instructions and then poof – we have a masterpiece. It’s a cliché I know, but it really is about taking things one step at a time.

Making jewellery, and making it well (we’re not a fan of hacking here), takes a lot of practice, grit, blood and tears (literally). But, that feeling you get after the ups and downs, the struggles to get to a piece completion, is like no other on earth. It’s then you know that it was all worth it. I made this, I did it, I WON!

I would love for every single person to be able to experience this “I WON” feeling. But it takes a special kind of person, with focus and determination to make it as a jeweller. And so I wanted to share with you some amazing advice on how to get started making jewellery from just a few of those special people, who are really nailing this metalsmithing malarkey:

Advice on how to get started making jewellery from members of the Metalsmith Academy

Susan Wells small
Stunning stackers from Susan Wells

"Have order, learn one thing at a time, and practice until it’s perfect before moving on to the next jewellery product."

"Jewellery making is not as simple as people think, but with great guidance and learning from your mistakes, it is super soul-charging and rewarding!"

"Join a class and listen to the tutor. Don’t think you can do it yourself, it is all the little tips, tricks and techniques that make the difference."

"If you can learn heat control, you can solder anything."

Marianne Jennings jewellery
By Marianne Jennings

"Keep an open mind, ask questions in the Community (and read all the other questions and answers - many are things you didn't know you needed to know), and be patient with yourself. Allow your creativity to blossom, and know that you'll grow into your own style after a while."

"If you've ever watched the movie ‘Finding Nemo’ ... Dora said it best: just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming! In other words... just keep practising & never give up!"
Barbara Schmidt jewellery Edited
Barbara Schmidt

Kelly Komejan jewellery
Gorgeous bangles from Kelly Komejan

"There's more than one way to do most anything. I was surprised at the tips I picked up from the videos that had nothing to do with why I was watching the video in the first place."

"Don’t let fear hold you back. Sometimes the most successful people aren’t even the most talented - they’re the most determined."

"Learn the basics first; soldering, sawing, measuring twice cutting once, etc. Take your time, there is no rush to finish. It is OK to set something aside and revisit it at another point when you are ready."

"Practice, practice, practice. It sounds like a cliche, but I found the more I pierced, the more I soldered, the more I measured, I got better, more confident and more relaxed."

"Fix problems as they occur. Don’t wait till near completion to correct. Practice all of the safety rules such as eye protection, dust mask, and care with power tools."
39A25955 8DF4 43CA B05D F9D9A1061E8E Sandi Froehlich
Sandi Froehlich

"Don’t underestimate the importance of measuring and taking the time to do so. A little extra time can mean a huge difference in the appearance of the final product."

Ellen Limeres jewellery scaled
By Ellen Limeres

"You'd be amazed at how little you need to make great work. Don't be a tool hoarder like me. I recently sat down and looked at my full studio, and realized I only use maybe 20% of my tools most of the time. The rest of them just sit there or in a box up in the attic or in the garage."

"Try not to derail yourself ordering and waiting on tools. Sure, there are a few tools you must have - but get going... don't stall out because you think you must have 'X' before you start on project 'Y'".

Shelley Roberts jewellery rectangle
Incredible soldering and piercing skills from Shelley Roberts

"Just try...errors are a way you learn. Don't give up... mistakes & patience pay off."

"Take your time when doing things and be precise. In the long run you will end up with a better result."
Jennifer Trotte
Jennifer Trotte

"Don’t rush it! It takes longer to rectify mistakes. Think about construction and try it out in copper first. Don’t run before you can walk. Follow the Metalsmith Academy's Roadmap and practice the basic skills."

Sarah Forwood jewellery small
By Sarah Forwood

"Just do it! Have belief in yourself. Try, try, try, try again. I've learned to take it slow and not take shortcuts."

Terry Rempel Mroz jewellery small
By Terry Rempel-Mroz

"Making jewellery is so much fun - just be patient and start from the beginning. Don't be afraid to fail, because you learn so much more when you have to fix things."

"It's okay to start small. You don't need every single tool out there. It's like everything in life, if at first you don't succeed always try & try again!"

"Love what you do, make a plan and then enjoy the ride - you never know for sure where you will end up!"

A huge thank you to all our wonderful Metalsmith Academy members for sharing the wonderful advice, I couldn’t have said it any better!

And I hope that if you are thinking about getting into metalsmithing and how to get started making jewellery, you found this helpful.  Just remember: Take it slow, work as accurately as you can and embrace the mistakes, they are after all the biggest lessons we ever learn.

But most importantly, believe you can do it, and you will.  It’s not magic, I promise 🙂

Lucy xx

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