Setting Up a Jewellery Studio

What do I need to get started making jewelry?

That is not an easy question to answer.  There are so many variables and it all depends on exactly what it is that you want to make.  If you’re going to focus on carving wax and casting jewellery, or even utilising computer aided design, then setting up a jewellery workshop for that, will look entirely different to a workshop optimised for entirely hand made (or fabricated) jewellery.

My suggestion, which I know all you toolaholics out there will ignore (I know because I am one of them), is to start small.  Learn to master the tools you have one at a time.  Seriously this will be a massive benefit in the long run and it will also give you the time necessary to decide where you want your jewellery making journey to take you.  

You’ll find product codes for everything mentioned in the video, and many more tools in the downloadable handout below. In this video I’ll take you quickly through the basics of what I think would be a great jewellery workshop start up kit.

Can I have a list please?

Sure you can! We made a huge 18 page downloadable handout complete with product codes and pictures of all my favourite tools!  Sign up below to download it now.


Setting up a jewellery stuudio

Want to learn more?

We would love to welcome you to the Metalsmith Academy where we can help you create the jewellery you always dreamed of.

  • Incredible classes with close up videos and crystal clear explanations
  • Extensive full colour handouts for all our classes (a firm favorite with our current members)
  • Quick win projects, we call them Express Bites.  If you don’t have the time to commit to a full class, but want to learn some new skills quickly, these are for you
  • Bi-monthly challenges to help get those creative juices flowing
  • Active community forums – and when we say active, seriously it’s like a party over there!
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  • Exclusive discounts
  • Tips and tricks galore – you got a problem, we create the content you need to fix it

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6 thoughts on “Setting Up a Jewellery Studio”

  1. Love your tips and spirit of sharing your knowledge. Can’t wait to get to the point I can take (and follow) a class of yours.!

  2. What different areas would you set up in your studio as in soldering area, forming area, etc and what tools would be located at each “station”. Curious to know how others have set up their studios.
    Love your classes!

  3. Other than jewelers bench, what furniture do I need for new personal jewelry studio? I don’t know where to set up my soldering station. Should I get a a wood or metal table?

  4. Just got all my equipment that I ordered. Started with first class on cutout. Love it and love the tools. You made my undecided items with great feed back. I also would like to know where a solder station should be set up at. I have my work bench and a great metal garage bench Purchased at Lows so I have my roller on it. I found a sturdy base was needed. I have quite a large room to work in upstairs so I can watch the ocean as I work. Im slow starter but don’t give up on me. Love the blogs and instructions.

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