Jeweller’s Christmas Gift Guide

lucy walker metalsmith academy christmas gift guide

Jewellers are an easy lot to shop for – they’ve always got a list of things they need, and an even longer of things they want! So, if you’re a jeweller, then feel free to use this guide as a polite little hint ha ha, or if you’re here trying to look up gift ideas for jewellers, you’ve come to the right place. Click on the shop links and you’re all set!

KONOS™ Jewelers Bench Tool “Cone” Organizer

I love these so much, I have three!! With more holes than a block of Swiss cheese at a shooting range, this lightweight bur storage caddy is sure to help you keep organized. And with its super sleek design too, it doesn’t take over too much bench space!

lucy walker metalsmith academy christmas gift guide

Colourful Round Brilliant Cut Tourmalines 2.5 5mm LWJ

Colourful Round Brilliant Cut Tourmalines 2.5-5mm

If you really want your designs to stand out from the crowd, then just add a pop of colour!! My all-time favorite gems! If you’re a fan of mouth-watering colours, you’re going to love these stunning round brilliant cut tourmalines. Winner winner Christmas dinner!

Creative Stonesetting

One of the first stone setting books I ever bought, and still a firm favorite. A book full of inspiration, techniques and tricks to really help you push the boundaries of traditional stone setting. With its misleadingly simple title, this is one book that under-promises but over delivers!

lucy walker metalsmith academy christmas gift guide

Mastering Contemporary Jewelry Design

Speaking of gifts that keep on giving, this is one book you can read over and over. It’s a fascinating deep dive into what goes into creating exceptional jewellery designs.  I love this so much, I bought it for my entire team!

Metalsmith Academy Gift Membership

If your new year’s resolution is to up your game on the jewellery making front, this is the perfect gift for you.  It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Plus, you’ll get to hear my lovely northern tones and potty mouth every single day!

lucy walker metalsmith academy christmas gift guide

Sturlin Goldsmiths Hammer

Sturlin Goldsmith's Hammer

We’ll this is on my wish list from Santa this year. Combining the skills of two true masters (Michael David Sturlin and Saign Charlestein), I’m really hopeful I’ll find one in my stocking this year.  

I hope you’re reading this Mum!!!

The Beadsmith Miter Cutting Vise Jig

It really doesn’t look too exciting or Christmassy, and it’s certainly no Saign Charlestein hammer that’s for sure. But these things make life so much easier. If you’re looking for a gift for a  jeweller friend – I don’t think they could ever thank you enough for one of these!

The Beadsmith Miter Cutting Vise Jig

Foredom® Hammer Handpiece 15

Foredom® Hammer Handpiece #15

You know I absolutely love my Foredom Hammer Handpiece. Another gift that keeps on giving, this promises to speed up your bezel setting to no end! Just promise me you’ll take it slowly the first time you use it – no broken stones for Christmas please!

Ball Vise

GRS® MicroBlock® Ball Vise

Santa’s sack will be dragging this year as I’m sure this is on a lot of lists already! And deservedly so. When it comes to stone setting and engraving, these are an absolute game changer! A little pricey, but a tool that will last a lifetime!

GRS® MicroBlock® Ball Vise​

DZQ Ball Vise​

Economy Ball Vise

If the budget won’t stretch to a GRS vice this year, no drama at all! I have one of these budget versions myself and whilst I can’t say it will last a lifetime, it certainly gets the job done perfectly well. I’ve had mine about 3 years now, and it’s still going strong!

Jewelers Blow Torch - Tsunami XL

If you’re looking for a butane torch with serious pyro power, Pepe Tools have you covered. My new favorite butane torch for larger jobs is hotter than Jason Momoa rowing shirtless down a lava flow.

I just ordered 4 to give away – watch this space!!

Jewelers Blow Torch Tsunami XL

lucy walker metalsmith academy christmas gift guide

Orion 100c Pulse Arc Welder

This will change the way you work forever!! I have the 150c version myself which I love, but honestly, I don’t ever use it to its full potential. If Santa is flush this year, you might want to consider one of these to solve all your soldering nightmares!

Automatic Torch Igniter

Is it just me, or does anyone else grind their teeth when using a striker to light their torch? Hmmm just me…… Ho hum, I know I’m special, but this nifty little gadget is seriously a fire starter’s dream. And my dentist’s too!

lucy walker metalsmith academy christmas gift guide

Well, that should do it for now. Any more and Santa’s sack is gonna burst! If you still can’t decide and if all else fails, the safe bet is always gemstones. Merry Christmas in advance!

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