Jewellery Design and Rendering

Getting creative with jewellery designing

Hey, it’s Vennice here! Let’s get to my favourite part of jewellery making: design and rendering. In these classes, I’ll be guiding you step by step through the design process, covering all the basics up to perfecting those more elaborate projects. Get excited, because together we’ll be building your confidence in rendering jewellery with plenty of practice and support! 

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Just a few of the projects we'll be diving into on your design journey

Rendering round brilliant cut gemstones

Rendering brilliant cut gemstones

Rendering a hammer texture

Rendering metals with different textures

Rendering cabochons

Rendering opaque and transparent cabochons

We love to share all the details on how to render in our online classes, starting at the very beginning.

How to render a blue sapphire - we cover all the details of this technique in our Rendering a Round Brilliant Cut class.

But we know design isn't just about drawing, it's about developing creativity and experimentation. That's why we created our Creative Kickstarter Challenges, not only will these push your creative skills, but they also feature some amazing prizes too - just to make sure we keep you motivated.

Design is in the details

Design is in the Details – Creative Kickstarter Challenge

Sample squares galore!  But why? Because testing out techniques and ideas that are new to us by creating simple sample squares instantly removes the fear of screwing up a piece you’ve spent days working on.  This was an absolutely incredible challenge; the submissions were on another level! And the prizes weren’t bad either!

Chunky Chain

Chunky Chain – Creative Kickstarter Challenge

Practicing those soldering skills with little creativity added in for good measure.  Our Chunky Chain Challenge consisted of three submission requirements: Design ideas, samples, and a finished chain. This has to be our most popular Creative Kickstarter to date, not sure if the incredible prizes were the motivating factor, but we’re beyond happy at the submissions.

If you’d like to join the next challenge – it’s starting on 1st June 2022.  I can’t give you all the details just yet, but I can share the prizes (worth over $1,300) will be with you!

Creative Kickstarter 1st prize
Creative Kickstarter beginner prize
Creative Kickstarter runner up prize

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Discover how YOU can create quality jewellery with confidence today

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Want to Learn How to Make Jewellery?

Start with why!

By understanding the why and not just the how, learning to make quality jewellery can be so much simpler.  

Our number one mission is to make sure you understand why we do things the way we teach.  And of course, to make your jewellery making journey as uncomplicated, waffle-free and fun as possible.  

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Every two months we’ll be releasing a brand new challenge! But what’s a challenge without some ass kicking prizes? (Seriously, think GRS MicroBlock and you’re in the right ballpark).

Student Roadmap

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Lucy Walker Metalsmith Academy is the most amazing, inspirational and brilliant learning experience I have ever known. The tutorial videos and handouts are so detailed and well explained it is as though you are in the same room as Lucy. One person commented on Instagram, ‘Lucy’s classes are awesome’, and they absolutely are! I intend to be a member for quite some time! Congratulations Lucy and your team, you are amazing.

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