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Hi, This is Lucy! Welcome to my page.  Unfortunately most of the jewellery on here is already sold or was ordered as a commission but hopefully you will still appreciate the pictures and details about the pieces.  If you would like to commission a piece yourself, please send me an email to or if you would like to know anything about the pieces or talk about learning to make jewellery, please send an email to new classes will start in November. Please check our class schedule by clicking "The Academy" tab.

Tourmalinated quartz cocktail ring

This actually is mine.  It's a beautiful tourmalinated quartzthat I picked up on 47th street New York, set with black diamonds. I adore this piece and wear it all the time.  As one of the first pieces of jewellery I made for myself, I will keep this forever! It was a particular challenge to make so early on in my career, as the black diamonds are set in the exceptionally heavy bezel which holds the tourmalinated quartz in place.

Opal earrings jewellery school

Opal Earrings with tanzanite and blue and white diamonds

Made as one of my final projects for my BA at Birmingham City University, these earrings are a story in themselves  The Opals were purchased from a trip to Lightning Ridge, Australia where a good friend of mine took me to experience opal mining first hand (actually the same good friend who I made the Padparadscha ring for above).  We had an amazing time, and besides buying these beauties, I really did get to dig for opals!

sapphire earrings

Kellie G Earrings

These stunning rose-cut green sapphires were picked up on a Bangkok trip last year.  Actually it was a flying visit to one of my favourite vendors in between getting my Crossfit certification - but that's another story! Made from an 18 carat gold bezel surrounding the sapphires to accentuate their earthy green colour, with a textured sterling silver border.  Sorry but they're not currently available for sale as these lovelies are on their way to an equally lovely person over in Seattle WA.  Thank you for the commission Kel!

Sarajane pendant.jpg

Sara-Jane pendant

Created for my wonderful friend, this pendant was a pleasure to make.  Set with Australian opal together with black, blue and white diamonds in 18 carat gold and sterling silver, I enjoyed every single hour of designing and making this - apart from perhaps setting the opal..... those bad boys are fragile, temperamental little monsters!  Thank you Sara-Jane, for the commission! Always a pleasure to work with you.

firework ring-01.jpg

Black diamond ring with rough diamond cubes

Another project made very early on during my BA, where my one ambition at the time seemed to be to piss off my teachers....... oh how the tables have turned!  This one was supposed to be part of a press forming project, but I decided I wanted to make massive cocktail rings instead.  Oh how I would love to go back to university as a student again!  Still I think it was a visually interesting piece - if not a little impractical!

pad ring.jpg

Padparadscha, platinum and diamond ring

Commissioned with a sapphire owned by a dear friend for his beautiful fiancee, this ring and the matching wedding band was a joy to make.  The best part was getting to look at the beautiful Padparadscha sapphire every day I worked on this project, but working in platinum is always a pleasure because of its density and ability to take a very crisp finish.  The azures on this piece are beautiful, if I do say so myself.

Opal gold and diaond pendant

Ethiopian opal pendant with blue and white diamonds

This pendant is a fusion of traditional techniques with technology at the forefront of the jewellery world!  A pleasure to make, the piece is handmade except for the 18 carat gold lattice design which, was created using 3D printing technology.  Just imagine printing directly in 18 carat gold!  The blackened silver surround was forged by hand and set with white diamonds accents. Surrounded by black and blue diamonds, the exceptional quality Ethiopian opal was sourced from Bangkok - during a most enjoyable trip - sometimes I love my job!


Always happy to work with my customers....

Commissioned pieces are always welcome! It's a pleasure to create something truly unique that is in tune with a person's style and personality, knowing that they will treasure and love wearing the final piece.

Please note however, that Lucy does have a specific style (as you will hopefully have noticed), so please expect the work to be in a similar style to which you see here.  All work is handmade to very high standards and not mass produced in a factory. Please bear that in mind if you think custom made will be cheaper than mass-produced ;)  We are always happy to explain what makes our jewellery special though, so dont feel shy and ask us!

If you are interested in commissioning a piece, please feel free to drop by our Bangsar workshop, where you can peruse our large selection of gemstones over coffee and cookies.

I have known Lucy for a couple of years as she has done a few commissions for me. Lucy takes you through the whole creative process from initial sketches to the final design and then progress pictures as she is creating the final piece. She has incredible knowledge on the gemstones she works with, and whilst everything is designed within her style, she manages to bring in your personality too. Lucy will work to your agreed budget. Next commission is in the early stages!!
— Sara-Jane Dickson