Lucy Walker Jewellery - Custom Jewelry Shop & Jewellery Design Courses

We offer a wide range of classes for our students; from introductory classes to advanced stone setting workshops and a studio membership for those who want to make The Academy their second home.

Ideal for those new to jewellery making and who aren't sure if they would like to commit to a longer course, these short 4-hour workshops are designed to give students a taster session in the art of goldsmithing / silversmithing.  Students have the the chance to learn an assortment of jewellery making skills from our experienced tutors whilst working on individual set projects over each of the three workshops available.  For more information click here

Comprising of 6 levels each lasting 6 weeks in duration, these workshops give students a way to develop their goldsmithing / silversmithing skills whilst working through a series of set projects in a systematic, stress-free way. Students will meet once a week for an intensive 4-hour workshop covering more advanced skills as each course and level progresses.  For more information click here

Lasting 6 weeks in duration these workshops focus on another side of jewellery making - the equally important design development and drawing stage rather than silversmithing and studiowork.  As with our silversmithing courses students will meet once a week for an intensive 4-hour class where they will work through a series of set projects each building on the last.  For more information click here

These are self directed classes where students get to work at their own pace on projects they set themselves in our fully equipped jewellers studio.  With a maximum of eight per class, students can make what they wish with the support of a jewellery professional.  Focusing equally on design and technical skills, these classes are more suited for those with some basic skills.  However - the pace is entirely set by the student.  For more information click here

For those who wish to gain a more thorough understanding of the fascinating world of gemstones, we offer various classes from basic introductory days where we introduce the Big 4 (diamonds, ruby, sapphire and emerald) to week long courses looking into the wonderful world of the rare, unusual and exotic - gems that look so good, you will want to eat them!  Students will learn through a series of lectures, demonstrations, exercises and quizzes where they they will have the chance to try out gem identification tools on our wide selection of gemstones for themselves.  For more information click here

For those students who are unable to attend one of our scheduled classes or would rather work at their own pace, we offer private classes.  The classes cover a full range of techniques and will cater to the specific requests of the student.  Private Classes are limited to a maximum of two students per class.  For more information click here

These additional full-time workshops are ran on an ad hoc basis lasting from  2 days to 2 weeks. These fast paced supplementary classes are for those wanting to learn new skills quickly and efficiently.  Click the image to see details our latest offerings.  For more information click here

Celebrate the unique relationship you have with your partner by making your own wedding rings in our fully equipped jewellery studio.  Let us here at Lucy Walker Jewellery provide an experience that will leave you with memories to last a lifetime, as you  spend a relaxed yet  productive day in our studio.  No experience is necessary as we will guide you through step by step as you handcraft a one-of-a-kind pair of wedding bands.  For more information click here


For a fixed monthly fee, students get access to a workbench within the studio as well as use of the equipment.  In addition, members receive discounts on all courses as well as invitations to special events and buying trips.  For more information click here

philanthropy community class


We believe in being thankful for what we have in life, and where possible sharing our good fortune with those who haven't been so lucky.  From January 2017,  we will be initiating a programme to support  refugee children and teens, with an interest in jewellery design as a career as well as supporting those with a keen interest in jewellery design.