In the world of jewellery-making, the meticulous precision, creativity and artistry of the hands that shape and create are an often overlooked but crucial element.  For jewellers, hand, wrist, and finger mobility and strength aren’t just vital tools, but the heart and soul of jewellery making! As any jeweller knows, the hands are not immune to the strains and challenges of the craft.  In this blog post, we are delving into why maintaining the health and agility of your wrist and hands are essential to anyone who relies on their hands in their daily work AND how you can aide this process with simple but effective movements to prime and prep your hands and wrists for making magic happen. 


Jewellers, along with many other professionals and artisans, understand the importance of their hand health. However, for jewellers, it’s particularly crucial due to the nature of their work:  

Repetitive Movements:

The repetitive and intricate nature of jewellery-making can put considerable strain on the hands and wrists. Without proper care, this strain can lead to overuse injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, or repetitive strain injuries. Keeping the wrists, hands, and fingers mobile and strong can help reduce the risk of such injuries. 

Enhancing Dexterity:

Hand and finger dexterity is essential for various professions, such as artisans, musicians, surgeons, and more. Jewellers rely on precise and coordinated hand movements. Regular mobility and strength exercises improve dexterity, aiding in skill refinement and performance.

Grip Strength:

A strong grip is important for anyone who uses their hands regularly. Whether you’re gripping tools, lifting objects, or even carrying groceries, grip strength is a fundamental aspect of daily life. 

Pain Free Joints:

Hands that cramp hands and weak wrists can get in the way of completing work efficiently and comfortably. Mobility exercises can help alleviate stiffness and discomfort, while strength training can support better agility and wrist positioning. 

Jewellery-making requires a level of precision and attention to detail that is second to none. Mobile and strong hands and wrists enable jewellers to execute intricate designs and manipulate delicate materials with accuracy. 

Whether it’s beating the crap out of something with a hammer or setting stones, jewellers need mobile and strong hands. These qualities are essential for accomplishing the creative process with ease. 

A massive thank you to my friend Mel for making this, and for keeping me motivated and strong too!  If you’d like to follow Mel you can find her on instagram: @yogaandmobilitywithmel