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Whether you’re talking about clear concise explanations, learning in a logical order or close-up videography where we never accidentally go off camera – we’ve got you covered!

Disclaimer: we do sometimes go off camera – but that footage never makes the cut.  That is how much we care about making sure YOU GET IT!

But you know, it’s not just about classes, there’s so much more waiting for you over at the Metalsmith Academy to help you become a confident, ass kicking jeweller……

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We are listening to what you're struggling with and making videos and handouts to help you with exactly that - our stalking skills are on point!
A firm favorite with our current members, you'll never have to worry about where to start or what's next again. Everything is laid out in a logical step-by-step process.
Every couple of months we'll be releasing a brand new challenge! But what's a challenge without some ass-kicking prizes? (Seriously, think GRS MicroBlock and you're in the right ballpark).
If you're feeling a little lost for inspiration, have no fear, we have templates galore for you to use however you like - zero credit required!
Solutions to the problems causing you drama! These fast and furious videos are created to answer your questions fast
If you're feeling down on the motivation front, don't worry! Our supportive community forums, with members from all over the world, are here to help.
Gesswein, Otto Frei, Durston Tools, Pepe USA and SC Studios.... just some of the suppliers giving our members exclusive discounts.
Every morning Lucy and Vennice are over in the forums helping solve your dramas, and have a good gossip over coffee.


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  • Access to all online classes
  • Community forums
  • Win prizes and stay motivated with our Creative Kickstarter challenges
  • Support and help from Lucy and Vennice Personally
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Flush setting gemstones
Prong set silver gemstone earrings
Tube setting in sterling silver
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Tips and tricks, you didn't know, you didn't know!

Our online classes are ram packed full of em

How to use a solder pick - it's a video, click the bottom left to watch!


Marriage of metal rings

Place small solder balls on the inside of the ring band, and heat from below to pull the solder into the join. This helps to avoid having excess clean up to do on the outside of the ring band.


Hoop Earrings

When soldering smaller parts to larger components, heat the metal proportionately. When soldering studs to a large hoop such as this, the flame is focused on the stud for less than a second.

These images aren’t from our class videos, they’re from the 40 to 80 page full-colour instructional guides that go along with every class.  Our classes are created to ensure no matter how you learn best, we’ve got you covered!

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How to use a bezel block - it's a video, click the bottom left to watch!

This one’s just a short excerpt from our online class – which comes with complete instructions on how to use these amazing tools – including for fancy shaped bezels!

Soldering rpongs

Prong settings

Creating U-shaped prongs which hold themselves in place for soldering can make prong setting a lot simpler.  And soldering these from the back of the setting ensures the minimum amount of clean up after soldering is required.  As always though, this isn’t the only way to solder prongs in place, and we’ve got you covered with a variety of techniques over at the Metalsmith Academy.

Needle burnishers

Needle Burnishers

We go into tonnes of detail on flush setting in our online class, however one thing that a lot of students struggle with is due to the fact they’re using a needle burnisher that is too large – seriously, size matters!  Of course, needle burnishers aren’t the only way to flush set stones – and we’ll show you a variety of methods over at the Metalsmith Academy.

Seriously, we’re obsessed with tips and tricks!!  And there’s plenty more where these came from.

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Lucy Walker Metalsmith Academy is the most amazing, inspirational and brilliant learning experience I have ever known. The tutorial videos and handouts are so detailed and well explained it is as though you are in the same room as Lucy. One person commented on Instagram, ‘Lucy’s classes are awesome’, and they absolutely are! I intend to be a member for quite some time! Congratulations Lucy and your team, you are amazing.

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