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Our beautiful studio member Akane hard at work

Our beautiful studio member Akane hard at work

Membership benefits

Imagine how fabulous it would be to have access to your own fully equipped goldsmithing studio.  To share your ideas, and be inspired whilst working together with a unique team of creative jewellery designers from around the world.  How about the awesome feeling of not having to deal with issues relating to the high cost of setting up a working studio or not to having to do it all alone.

The good news is that at The Academy, we can offer all this and more! We provide the perfect environment to help you hone your creativity and you don’t have to worry about the incessant high costs that come with purchasing the tools you need in a studio.

Still deciding if it’s a good idea?

Well, since we remember what it was like starting out as a jewellery designer, we made sure that our membership option included what we had wished for back then. Our membership platform not only provides students with over 100 hours of studio access per month, it also gives our full members discounts on all classes.  By combining our membership options with our classes, you will have the best of both worlds time to learn and to practice – both are equally important!

Our jewellery workshop is open for members Monday to saturday 9am to 7pm

Our jewellery workshop is open for members Monday to saturday 9am to 7pm

Included in your membership:

  • 40 bench sessions per month (2.5 hours each session) - that's basically 10 full days per month at the bench

  • Weekly supported studio days (every Tuesday)

  • Access to a library of over 200 relevant books

  • Firsts dibs on classes held by visiting lecturers

  • A sparkly family and regular cookies

Premium membership also includes:

  • Discounts on courses offered

  • Option to participate in group selling events / exhibitions

  • Members only buying trips to international gem show

  • Goodybag upon registration

  • 2 free premium members only classes per year

  • Member of the month prizes


Premium Membership:

  • RM 4200 upfront for 12 months (equals to RM 350 per month)

Regular membership:

  • RM2,250 for a 6 month membership (equals to RM375 per month)

  • RM 1,250 for a 3 month membership (equals to RM416.67 per month)

Just in case you were wondering if this is a good deal, if you book the 12 month package and pay all at once it basically means you are paying RM 8.75 (that is not a typo) per 2.5 hour session if you use up all your sessions each month.

This promises not only to be an experience of learning, but one full of support, fun and family.  We invite you to make The Academy your second home, and join us today.



Terms and conditions for membership

  • Sessions must be booked 24 hours in advance via our Booking System.

  • Once booked, sessions are considered confirmed and will be forfeited if cancelled

  • Unused monthly bookings may not be carried over to the next month

Membership Duration
Membership Start Date