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Flush Setting - Trouble Shooting

At the Metalsmith Academy, we love chatting over in the forums and helping out solve problems.  We created this short video series to cover all the questions our students asked whilst taking our flush setting class.  Believe it or not this isn’t the whole class (what can I say – we want to make sure you get it)!

FYI - there are 2 videos on this page - don't miss the second one!

The First Step: Cutting the Tapered Pilot Hole

Creating the perfect seat is imperative to successful flush setting, and that starts with cutting a tapered pilot hole. Flush setting really is about mastering the steps one by one. So, let’s start with that tapered pilot hole.

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Cutting the Seat

If we don’t get this part bang on, then setting the stone later will be a lot more drama than necessary. Take it slow, and make sure you have this part nailed before even thinking about setting the stones.

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We'd committed to explaining all the nitty gritty details over at the Metalsmith Academy.

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