Tube Set Ring

A simple modern setting, the perfect next step after mastering flush setting.

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Kick Ass Handouts

Nobody wants to work with their laptop on their desk! That’s why we created downloadable handouts full of detailed instructions and step by step photographs to help you on your creative journey. Our Tube Set Ring class has 64 pages of easy to understand handouts, supporting materials and tools list.

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Engaging Videos

Crystal clear, direct to the point, and with a little humor thrown in for good measure. Our aim is that you learn as quickly and as effectively as possible whilst making you feel like you’re right here with us in the studio. Our Tube Set Ring class has over 1 hour 30 minutes of easy to follow, succinct videos to help you get creating confidently in no time at all.

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Clear Explanations

We understand that concepts don’t just need explaining in terms of how, but also why…it’s only by truly understanding the why that you’ll be able to develop the thought processes necessary to work effectively alone. We’re super happy to have you as a student, but what would make us happiest? You, being able to create, all by yourself.

Ready to take the dive into tube setting? you're going to love it!

A relatively quick class by our standards, we will take a look here at making a simple ring with a tube setting for a round brilliant cut stone.  But of course it won’t be quite that simple.  As well as ensuring we are creating an elegant, professional looking ring, we’ll also take a look at setting the stone several ways; with a hammer and punch, with a hammer handpiece and finally setting smaller stones with a needle burnisher.

In this class, we’ll guide you step by step through creating a solitare tube set ring, but there are many options for utilising tube setting in all aspects of your work.  You’ll definitely want to be familiar with soldering before taking this class (if not check out our chunky chain class first).  And ideally you’ll already be familiar with making a ring band as well as being confident in flush setting – believe me it will make life easier!

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Tube Set Pendant
Tube Set Rings
Tube Set Earrings

Practice makes perfect, but don’t just get stuck on making rings with this setting style.  Tube settings are great for smaller accents stones too on pendants or earrings, and you could even consider using gold tube to add a little extra perceived value to your work.  A little gold certainly does go a long way in helping sales!

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Tools and materials you'll need at a minimum

  • Soldering equipment including a torch (a decent butane torch will just suffice for this project), soldering surface (we use hard charcoal or a solderite pad from Rio Grande, tweezers or solder pick, flux and pickle
  • Jewellers saw and good quality blades (we are using 2/0 blades)
  • Flat hand file – #0 or #2 cut
  • Half round hand file #0 or #2 cut
  • Half round and flat pliers
  • Chasing hammer
  • Sandpaper in various grits – we use 240, 600, 800 and 1200
  • Ring mandrel
  • Ring sizing set
  • Bench vice
  • Flex shaft or similar
  • 2mm cylinder bur
  • 5mm bud bur (but this is flexible
  • Setting burs the same size or slightly smaller than the stone you wish to set
  • Heavy walled sterling silver tubing – we’ll cover exactly which size to use for which size stone within the class
  • 12 gauge round sterling silver wire for the ring band
  • 5mm round brilliant cut gemstone
  • Hard silver solder
Jewellery making tools

A note on tools

The list can go on and on for tool requirements depending on your budget, and we will include a variety of possibilities in our downloadable handouts and during the tutorials. However, we want to make our projects available to everyone irrespective of budget so for the most part we will try not to get too flashy with the essential tools.  Please note that in our course materials we give you lots of options in terms of tools, so we strongly recommend watching the course videos before going out on any crazy shopping sprees.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes you will need specific tools for this class, we have included a basic tool list above, and the course contains detailed tool handouts together with product codes for all tools used during the class.

Unfortunately, we can’t provide a specific answer to that questions.  It depends on the tools you decide to purchase and the quality.  We try to include as many options as possible in our classes so that student’s can make choices based on their budget, but we will be honest, tools are not cheap.

The videos are only playable through the website and so are not downloadable.

Absolutely you can!  It would be pretty tough to work with your laptop on your workbench.

If you do want that little extra support, don’t worry at all – that is one of the main reasons why we launched our membership.  Lucy, Vennice and the team will be active in the forums daily to help with any problems you might be having with the classes.

This class is a little more advanced, we recommend starting out with the saw pierced pendant class as a first step into metalsmithing.

Unfortunately not at this stage, however our handouts that accompany the videos have extensive, easy to follow instructions.