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Flush Setting Tutorial

Follow the instructions and pray a little to whichever deity you subscribe to - it’s simple honestly. Seriously flush setting isn’t that complicated, the really really important thing when flush setting is to make sure your stone fits tightly in the seat. Give it a try and let us know how you get on in the comments!

IF YOU NEED GLASSES WEAR THEM – if you can’t see what you’re doing, you are most likely going to suck.

Drill a hole

Use a ball bur (or several) to open the hole to ¾ the size of the stone

Use a bud bur to open the top of the hole to exactly the same size of the stone – if you make it bigger than the stone – you’ll need to find a larger stone 😉 DO NOT MAKE IT BIGGER THAN THE STONE!

Use a setting bur exactly the same size as your stone – drill deep enough with your setting bur so the table of the stone is flush with the metal. DO NOT USE A SETTING BUR THAT IS LARGER THAN YOUR STONE!

If you don’t have the perfect size setting bur – which is usually the case, you will want to use the closest size SMALLER bur and ream out the hole – KEEP THE BUR PERPENDICULAR TO THE METAL AND MOVE METHODICALLY, we are not mixing pancake batter

Ensure the stone is a tight fit – if it’s not, select a stone that is slightly larger 0.01mm can make a big difference here! The stone should not slot into the hole, but should require a LITTLE shove with a brass pusher (basically a tapered piece of brass rod in a graver handle) to sit nice and securely in the setting

Use your needle burnisher (broken ball burs in graver handles work well) – they should have a smooth rounded and polished end if you value the surface of your stones – and run it around the stone at an angle just off horizontal until the stone is set

flush setting tutorial jewelry class
flush setting tutorial jewelry class
flush setting class jewelry school
flush setting step by step
flush setting jewelry class

Shall we see that in action?

Want to make a needle burnisher for your flush setting? Lets see how it’s done!

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial, if you’d like to learn more about flush setting, as well as other setting techniques we’d love to have you visit us in Kuala Lumpur where we currently offer three different stone setting classes. If you’d like more details, please check out the links below.


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