How to draw a simple round brilliant

Vertical and Horizontal lines

Firstly, to be able to draw accurate gemstones we need to create horizontal and vertical guidelines. To create the guidelines we need a pair of triangle rulers

Jewelry design kuala lumpur

Place and hold triangle A with the vertical edge to the left as shown and make sure it is held firmly, then place triangle B opposite triangle A with the 45 degree edges facing each other.

Malaysia jewelry design

Draw a horizontal line using the top edge of triangle B.

Jewellery deisgn gemstone

Holding triangle A slide triangle B upward and draw a vertical line to create crossed lines at exactly 90 degrees.

45 Degree Lines

To be able to draw faceted gemstones we also need to create intersecting 45 degree guidelines.

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With your triangles in the ‘home’ position (parallel to your initial lines, slide triangle B down triangle "A.

draw gemstone lesson kuala lumpur

Rotate triangle A around triangle B

round brilliant step by step

Rotate until the 45 degree edge of triangle A is sitting on the top 90 degree edge of triangle B

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Just like this

Lucy Walker Jewellery design and rendering class

Move triangle A so the right hand side is intersecting the cross created by your horizontal and vertical lines .

Design and rendering class

Then draw a line.

design and rendering class malaysia

Slide triangle A along triangle B until the left hand side intersects with the center point - draw the second 45 degree guide line.


Phew - that was a lot of talk about angles but job done!

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Place the round template on the center of the guides and draw a circle. For this example, lets draw a circle with a diameter of 17mm.

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To create the facets we will draw two squares within the circle.

how to draw gemstone

First let’s join each of the points where our 45 degree lines intersect with our circle as shown.


Now lets do the same with our 90 degree lines.

learn how to draw round brilliant gemstone

WOOP WOOP WOOP - that was a lot of effort, but you’ll be able to doodle them super fast in no time at all!


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