Keep shining in 2018 - the latest trends to add a little sparkle - By Arpana Rajahser


The power of influence

We are all, in one way or another swept away by the latest buzz. It doesn’t matter what, but the more people talk about something, the more this something seems to call to us – be it the latest food, diet, sport, gizmos and gadgets, fashion, and of course, jewellery.

The power of trends is never underestimated and with good reason. Gather a group of influential people together, get them to “show and tell” your brand or style and watch as the world follows. Some trends are quite affordable but sometimes it can become an expensive affair, especially when it involves branded wear and jewellery.

Fashion jewellery is constantly evolving with fantastic designs, varying the use of metals and stones, pushing the boundaries of the art of jewellery creation. With my love of all things sparkly and shiny, I’ve often wished acquiring all these literal pieces of gems for myself. Of course, the hefty price tag attached to these latest baubles rudely brings me back to my reality. However, more than that, I’ve come to realise that blindly following the latest trends regardless of whether I resonate with the piece would mean settling for something that is not even my style!

And as the fashion great Coco Chanel once said, “Fashion (Mode) passes; style remains”.

oscar jewellery tends classes

The Oscars – a parade of the latest fashion in jewellery

As the Hollywood royalties took to the red carpet, the gorgeous outfits and of course the sparkling and glittering jewellery that adorned them, captivated eyes and hearts around the world. Take a look at the highlights and let me know who you think deserves the best dressed. And of course, I am even more interested to know which jewellery piece or pieces makes you drool, just a little.  Take a look for yourself here at the best 2018 Oscar fashions!

You know, I know how you must feel – if you are a lover of jewellery as I am. I watched the “Oscar’s 2018 Red Carpet” show and as my eyes reflected the gleam of those sensational jewellery and as I smiled and cheered at the stunning designs, I wished I could bring some of those designed fabulousness home to me. It was more than just the sparkle. It was the creativity, the settings, the lines and curves of these pieces that appealed to the jeweler that I am.

green sapphire gold and silver earrings

Don’t fret, there is a solution!

When you seriously cannot afford to own some of these jewellery pieces, what better way to still “acquire” them than to make it for yourself!  

Here’s the interesting thing about this concept – when you design and create your own jewellery, you can take elements that you love and leave those that you aren’t too sure about. You not only learn a skill but you give yourself the opportunity to truly immerse yourself in your love of jewellery. You become a part of the process and the piece becomes a part of you.

You translate your love of jewellery into something physical, tangible.

So, yes though trends are important and nice to have, why settle for what’s available out there. Why not delve into your own creativity and expand on these latest trends?

If this sounds exciting, check out our blog for free tutorials, or even better check out our jewellery making classes here Lucy Walker Academy’s jewellery making class!

Celebrating the end of a fantastic class in style!  The Academy is a great option for alternative birthday parties, bachelorette gatherings or even corporate events!

Celebrating the end of a fantastic class in style!  The Academy is a great option for alternative birthday parties, bachelorette gatherings or even corporate events!

So what are the top jewellery trends to look out for in 2018?

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Statement earrings! oversized and chunky

Big, bold and long is the new mantra. Either symmetrical or asymmetrical we love how these look!

However, what we wear must be practical because settling for a pair of forks (or spoons, depending on your taste) as a statement piece would not make sense!

Generally creating something from your own story, developing the idea and making good use of mixed media would be the way to go in creating these statement earrings keeping practicality versus cost real.

big earrings jewellery workshop


 We understand that having one necklace is never really enough with so many variables to contend with such as the occasion, the mood and the outfit.

If only money really did grow on trees! Unfortunately, that isn’t the case.  Leaves are leaves and money, well, money really isn’t everything!

chunky jewellery 2018 trends jewelry school


At Lucy Walker Jewellery, we believe that EVERYTHING lies in the design of a jewellery piece. Taking on the quest of never having enough necklaces, layering them is the way to go.

Wearing it long or doubling it to wear short, you can add on simple, meaningful charms or motifs that lifts the look to an entirely unique piece.

Chokers are still fashionable for any occasion – look out for stripes and geometric shapes, it’s a win-win situation when you have both.


Handmade jewellery has never gone out of style since the time of our ancestors, who used animal vertebrae along with its skin to adorn themselves. Thankfully since then jewellery has evolved with the development of human culture; from being about protection and spirituality, to now where it’s mostly for self-image.

It is time now to embrace your own style and ride on with us - in no time, you’ll be setting trends like a trendsetter does!

By Arpana Rajahser

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