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The Academy Visits Malaysia Jewellery Show

lucy walker

Whilst it wasn't perhaps the most interesting show in the world, there are still amazing gems always to be found  I saw these lovely watermelon tourmalines at the malaysian company Tawakkal Gems, it seems their office isn't to far away from the Academy.

I think he was the owner, but anyway, I met a lovely chap called Zakir at the booth, we had a good giggle whilst an old Chinese Aunty literally shouted to us everything she knew about gemstones and jewellery - which really wasn't very much much.  She did however tell us very firmly, that rose quartz was rare, and that I was an excellent 'locksmith'.  I have been told to keep dirty jokes to a minimum on a business blog, so I will not delve into my reaction regarding ... oh damn, I nearly told you!

Happy Friday guys, its time for me to hit the studio and get organised.

watermelon tourmaline