Supply shopping in KL

This is one for all my students in KL wondering where to get their supplies!  I took a lazy afternoon in Chinatown snapping pictures of business cards and storefronts just for you guys :)  Please feel free to add more suppliers in the comments section!

Belinda the Fabulous

jewellery supply in KL

For anything jewellery / silversmiting tool related in Chinatown, Belinda is your go too lady.  She is reliable, friendly and easy going, and has a well stocked store right in the middle of Petaling Street.  Belinda puts together basic tool kits for many of my new students - just ask for Lucy's special!


CKK are another really good jewellery supply company in terms of tools - especially when looking for larger equipment.  Located close to Ampang Point shopping center, it's a bit of a trek for me, but definitely worth it!

Glister - for everything sparkly!

Jewellery supply stores KL

Another favorite of mine, Glister is staffed by lovely ladies who really take care of their store!  This is a great place for general beading supplies including swarovski crystals and gemstones - as well as some small silversmithing tools.  They also have a decent selection of packaging and display items at the back of the store. 

Glister wins hands down for the most pleasurable supply shopping experience.

Glister wins hands down for the most pleasurable supply shopping experience.

silver supply company


For your sterling silver finding needs

These guys have an incredible selection of silver chains, as well as selling the japanese model mini-torch that I use in my studio.

gemstone beads


The largest selection of gemstone beads.

Located right around the corner from the silver shop above, this place has a fantastic selection of gemstone beads as well as many other beads and findings.  The prices seem overly expensive, because they mark them up x3 for tourists - just be sure to ask for the wholesale price when you visit.

swarovski supply in KL


The best selection of Swarovski crystal I have found in KL

I haven't personally shopped here, but these guys have a huge selection of costume jewellery and components together with the largest selection of swarovski crystal beads I have found in KL.


More beads

A little bit of everything

Another store with a little bit of everything, worth a visit for sure, and the staff were really friendly!

That's all for now guys! If anyone knows of any more not on the list, feel free to add them in the comments section

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