Bezel Setting Fragile Stones

They don't get much more fragile than an opal doublet!

Bezel setting fragile stones doesn’t need to be scary, but we do need to work mindfully. Here, I’m setting an opal doublet with a home-made brass bezel rocker which I prefer for riskier jobs. As it’s a petit tool, I can easily see what I’m working on without it blocking my view, but I can also get enough pressure on the bezel to push it down and over the stone without using excess force and risking slipping. Enough waffle already, let’s do this!

I hear ya! “But hey Luce, I don’t have your fancy bezel rocker“….. Don’t worry, I’ve got you. you can make it yourself in less than 5 minutes! Let me show you how right now.

Hope you enjoyed the videos!

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